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  An International Film Circuit presentation
of a Catskill Films Production

“**** Hilariously funny and delightfully nostalgic.”
– Jennifer Merin, About.com




A film by Mevlut Akkaya, Ron Frank & Lawrence Richards

Featuring: Robert Klein, Jerry Lewis, Sid Ceasar, Jerry Stiller, Jackie Mason,
Larry King, Marc Maron, Hugh Hefner, Mort Sahl, Mickey Freeman

US • 2013 • 77 mins • 16:9 Digital Formats • 5.1 SRD • NR

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This remarkable documentary presents an entertaining portrait of this country's greatest generation of comedians - the generation that includes the likes of Jerry Lewis, Sid Caesar, Robert Klein, Jackie Mason, Mort Sahl, Jerry Stiller, Larry King, and others, all of whom make appearances in the film, sharing hilarious and personal experiences.

Why are there so many Jewish comedians? In the 1970's when Jews represented 3% of the U.S. population, they made up 80% of professional comedians. Why is it that a nation which once laughed at the folk humor of Will Rogers, ended it captivated by the urbane parodies of "Seinfeld"? Is there a common denominator that made some Jewish-Americans comedy legends? What is their legacy? And in the immortal words of Butch Cassidy, "Who are those guys?"

The answer to this question lies in the Catskill Mountains, aka the Borscht Belt, where Jewish immigrants transformed lush farmland into the 20th century’s largest resort complex. Those Catskill hotels and bungalow colonies provided a comedy boot camp where a remarkable group of young comedians honed their craft to become worldwide legends.

The film features interviews and comic performances by Jerry Lewis, Jerry Stiller, Sid Ceasar, Mort Sahl, Hugh Hefner, Larry King, Jackie Mason and Mickey Freeman. It is hosted by the one and only Robert Klein, and pays homage through archive clips to many other Catskill veterans such as Danny Kaye, Mel Brooks, Red Buttons, Buddy Hackett, Lenny Bruce, Henny Youngman, Don Rickles, Totie Fields, and Rodney Dangerfield to name a few. And then there was the next generation: Billy Crystal, Joan Rivers, Woody Allen and a very young Jerry Seinfeld who followed in their footsteps.



"**** Hilariously funny and delightfully nostalgic."
- Jennifer Merin, About.com

"Enchanting." - Ernest Hardy, Village Voice

"Saucy and Spirited." - Joe Neumaier, NY Daily News

"A great documentary." - Bonnie Priever, Examiner.com

"Very Funny." - George Robinson, Jewish Week

"Very entertaining." - Stephen Whitty/The Star-Ledger

"Charming." - Ella Taylor, NPR.org

"Lighthearted remembrances." - Nicole Herrington, New York Times

"Informational, nostalgic, and very, very funny." - Jessica Young, Jewniverse

"A must see for any fan of the current crop of stand up comedians.
I really like this film."
- Gil Whitely, Mile High Radio

"Fascinating. A goldmine of comedic insight.
At an hour and a quarter, you just want more."

- Steve Chavis, KUVO Denver

"Entertaining... even endearing.
Provides a wealth of history, humor and nostalgia."
- James van Maanen, Trustmovies

Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival Closing Night Film

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