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Pressmaterial / Photographs : SHOUT GLADI GLADI

Poster - 1.2 MB (pdf)

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Presskit (pdf)

Presskit (docx)

Isatu Kamara (3rd from left) with friends at Aberdeen Womens' Center, Sierra Leone Yata Lahai (r.) with friends
Ann Gloag (l.) on boat taking Tomolero
to a new hospital
Ann Gloag (r.) in Tambakulah
holding a newborn baby
Stephen Katumo, Nurse at
the Fistula Care Centre in Malawi
Mary Yafet at
Bwaila Maternity Hospital, Malawi
Philippa Richards hugging friends
at the Gladi Gladi celebration
Preparing for the Gladi Gladi Ceremony
BBoxx Women at the Aberdeen
Women's Center, Sierra Leone
Patients at the Aberdeen
Women's Center, Sierra Leone
Meryl Streep

Iain Kennedy, Co-Director Adam Friedman, Co-Director,
flanked by Marty Mullin, DP
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