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"If you don't LAUGH OUT LOUD at RANDY AND THE MOB, seek immediate medical attention--there is something seriously wrong with you."

—Jill Conner Browne, THE NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling Author of THE SWEET POTATO QUEENS series



A Film by Ray McKinnon

US, 2007, Color


From Academy Award winning director Ray McKinnon, comes RANDY AND THE MOB, a feel-good, slice of Southern life comedy. It's the story of good ol' boy Randy Pearson (McKinnon), who can't seem to help getting in over his head. His latest scheme to keep his businesses afloat goes awry when a long-standing debt becomes due to a couple of low level Italian mobsters. Randy's forced to swing into action, but his only hope is a helping hand from his carpal-tunneled, baton-teaching wife (Golden Globe Nominee Lisa Blount); his estranged, gay twin brother (also played by McKinnon), and "Tino Armani" (The Shield's Walton Goggins), a mysterious modern day prophet with a knack for high fashion, Italian cooking and clogging.

Winner of the Audience Choice Award at the 2007 Nashville Film Festival and shot on location in and around Atlanta by all Southern filmmakers, RANDY AND THE MOB is a powerful reminder of the strength of Southern roots, where love and family can usually be counted on to trump all adversities. Coming to theaters starting September 21st.

RANDY AND THE MOB is distributed by Capricorn Pictures (an off-shoot of the seminal Southern rock label Capricorn Records), founded by Benjy Griffith and the late Phil Walden to establish a creative home for talented Southern filmmakers. A companion soundtrack will be released through Lakeshore Records, featuring a score by John Swihart (NAPOLEON DYNAMITE) and songs from numerous other artists.


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