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“There is in Dumont’s world, more perhaps than for any other filmmaker, a capacity to see the beauty and human particularity of individuals at the very moment that physical drive and brutality are brought to bear upon them.”
-Jean-Michel Frodon
Cahiers du Cinema
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Playdates 2007
Arizona Film Festival Tucson AZ 4/20-29 tbc
City of Lights, City of Angels Los Angeles CA 4/21
San Francisco International Film Festival San Francisco CA 5/6, 5/8, 5/9
Cinema Village New York NY 5/18 +
Landmark's Nuart Theatre Los Angeles CA 6/8 +
Landmark's Lumiere Theatre San Francisco CA 6/22 +
Landmark's Shattuck Theatre Berkeley CA 6/22 +
Landmark's E Street Theatre Washington DC 7/27 +
French Film Fest at Museum of Fine Arts Boston MA 7/14
Landmark's Kendall Square Cambridge MA 7/20 +
Sacramento French Film Festival Sacramento CA 7/20 - 7/21
North West Film Forum Seattle WA 8/3 +
Reel Art Ways Hartford CT 8/17
Gene Siskel Film Theater Chicago IL 8/17 - 8/23
Starz Film Center Denver CO 8/24 - 8/30
Zeitgeist Theatre New Orleans LA Summer tba
Cleveland Cinematheque Cleveland OH 8/31 & 9/1
George Eastman House Rochester NY 10/20 - 10/21

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