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"Transporting and visually stunning."

— Matt Prigge
Philadelphia Weekly

  An Indiepix/International Film Circuit release  



Directed by Jeremiah Zagar

A Herzliya Film Production. Produced by Jeremy Yaches

US, 2008, 80 min, Color, HD video

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In the vibrant, bohemian neighborhood of South Philadelphia, 50,000-square feet of concrete are covered with tile and mirrors—mosaics that were created by Isaiah Zagar, an eccentric, tormented artist. The murals chronicle his love for his wife, Julia, and subtly hint at the darker corners of an extraordinary imagination.

Where Isaiah is obsessive and narcissistic—a former Peace Corps volunteer who has become an icon in South Philly's art community—Julia is gracious and warm. For decades, their opposing natures complemented one another perfectly. But suddenly the family is torn apart at the seams: A few hours before picking up his oldest son from a rehabilitation center, Isaiah confesses to an affair with his assistant, is kicked out of the house, and spirals into depression.

A fascinating portrait of love and betrayal, family bonds, and the intimacy of dysfunction.

"***1/2 Stunning, deeply personal. In a Dream captures a family imploding. Their lives are laid bare, in broken bits, like the ceramic that Isaiah uses for his art, and they come together with sadness and beauty, rage and insight." - Steven Rea, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"The beauty and brilliance of Isaiah’s mosaics is matched by the film’s vibrant color and brilliant editing and music. This film touched me on such a personal level, taking me on a journey into my own human condition while inspiring the creative within and leaving me with a renewed passion for life. The film has won in the Emerging Visions category at this year’s [SXSW] festival and is the best film I have seen." - Erock, Austin Daze

"As a story about art and artists, In a Dream is smoothly engrossing. As a portrait of a sweet but slightly fractured man, it’s one of the most unexpectedly touching documentaries I’ve ever seen." - Scott Weinberg, Cinematical

SXSW Film Festival
WINNER - Emerging Visions Audience Award
Woodstock Film Festival
WINNER - Best Documentary Feature
WINNER - James Lyons Best Editing Award
Philadelphia Film Festival
WINNER - Best First Film
San Francisco Documentary Festival
WINNER - Audience Award for Best Feature
Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
WINNER - Guggenheim Emerging Artist Award



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