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MOTHER AND SON (Mat i syn)

A film by Alexander Sokurov

Russia 1997
Color. Russian w/eng st 73 minutes

Cast: Aleksei Ananishnov, Gudrun Geyer

::  35mm film rental: $300 | VHS/DVD rental: $100 | VHS/DVD purchase: $150

MOTHER AND SON is a love story about the deep affection that exists between a Mother and her Son, which Sokurov portrays as the greatest love in the world: primal, life-giving and pure. The Mother and Son are seen within and against a landscape of melancholy beauty, which Sokurov uses like a German Romantic painter. When the Mother dies, the Son is left entirely alone in a world which offers little comfort. From the director of RUSSIAN ARK.

"Sokurov is what cinema can be at its greatest. His films have a visual power and moral depth that create an unforgettable emotional experience. I hope this great filmmaker finds the audience in America that his work deserves." - Susan Sontag

"Lyrical, intense, mesmerizing. Sokurov brings the eye of a masterly painter and the sensitivity of a poet to the deepest and most complex of human relationships."
- Lawrence Van Gelder, NY TIMES

"**** A masterpiece of elegiac romanticism. Its subject is so elemental, so primal and rudimentary, it's part of our genetic code." - James Verniere, BOSTON HERALD

"**** Mother and Son is one of the great films of the decade. A dreamlike, rapturously beautiful gem about the spiritual love between a young man and his dying mother."

"**** A film poem of tightly controlled but lacerating anguish, a spare terrifying rumination on a subject that strikes some of the deepest, saddest chords in Russian art. Pulls us straight down to the heart of all sorrow."
- Michael Wilmington, CHICAGO TRIBUNE

"**** Sokurov may move his audience to tears with the utter and insoluble link he forms between pure cinema and pure human hope in divinity. Sokurov operates on a level other filmmakers only worry about." - John Anderson, NEW YORK NEWSDAY

"**** One of those rare works that extends the art of film, suggesting for all its melancholy that movies do have a future." - Dave Kehr, DAILY NEWS

"Sokurov outdoes all previous efforts with this astonishing chamber piece. A movie of incredible stillness, Mother and Son evokes overwhelming solitude amid creation. Watching it is like watching the last sunset." - J. Hoberman, VILLAGE VOICE

Winner Andrei Tarkovsky Award Russian Film Critics Award Special Jury Prize Moscow International Film Festival 1997

Official Selection New York Film Festival 1997


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