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A film by Christoffer Boe

Denmark, 2005, Color, 88 min, 35mm, 2:35 cinemascope

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The director of Reconstruction, winner of the Cannes Camera d'Or in 2003, returns with ALLEGRO, another mind-boggling exploration of his signature themes of love and memory. ALLEGRO stars Ulrich Thomsen and Henning Moritzen, who starred in The Celebration and international supermodel Helena Christensen.

A well-known Danish pianist named Zetterstrom returns after many years to Copenhagen to perform at a gala concert. Throughout his life Zetterstrom has forsaken human emotion in pursuit of perfection. The last time he was in Copenhagen, he had a tragic love affair, and since then he has shut it out of his mind. But upon his return to the city, he begins to have visions of the woman he loved before losing his memory completely. Even the places in Central Copenhagen where his love affair occurred are physically shut off. A bizarre, unspecified catastrophe has enclosed the area in an impermeable transparent shell called The Zone. ALLEGRO traces Zetterstrom’s struggle to enter the Zone and recover his memory, his love, his talent and his life.

"***** An existential masterpiece. Merges the stylistic direction of Jean-Pierre Jeunet with the existential sensibilities of Charlie Kaufman, creating one of the most memorable films ever made." -- Michael Ferraro, Film Threat

"As if Andrei Tarkovsky decided to make a Michel Gondry film."– Bilge Ebiri, Nerve.com

"Remarkably original. A unique directorial vision." – Leslie Felperin, Variety

"As in Reconstruction, Boe offers us a vision of love as a beautiful thing that leaves destruction and pain in its wake. This time he insists that we're not complete without the pain that follows the pleasure." – Sean Axmaker, Greencine.com



Sundance Film Festival – World Cinema Competition


Ulrich Thomsen – best known for his starring role opposite Henning Moritzen in The Celebration

Helena Christensen – international supermodel, previously seen in Pret-a-Porter and Unzipped.

Henning Moritzen – best known for his starring role opposite Ulrich Thomsen in The Celebration




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